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Alternatives Events Has Planned Over 1,000 Events Nationwide and we pride ourselves by being able to offer each of our customers the option of Traditional and Non-Traditional Venues for the Traditional Corporate World

Alternatives Events has delivered over 1000 corporate and social activities for clients within the United Kingdom for the past 30+ years.

We specialise in:

  • Event / Venue management
  • Event production
  • Corperate Event Planning
  • Trade Shows & Conventions
  • Event Production
  • Festive Parties
  • Destination Planning
  • Team Building Events
  • Offsite Meetings

Covering multiple venues around the UK so that we are able to offer you the widest range of event destinations, we are able to offer anything from your standard business event venue through to the more non-traditional to give your event that added memorable flair.

We produce exquisite events to remember, not only at our exclusive venues but for our clients wherever they need high-calibre event production.

We are also seasoned experts in location Planning for clients that have extensive needs for meetings, exhibitions and special events.

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We find quality event venues to create memorable moments.

Events Held

Our team is here to help plan any event, big, small or even virtual!

Soon we will be offering virtual tours of our event locations providing you with a more hands-on experience!

We have an invaluable team of event industry professionals and event planners. Over the years Alternatives Events has grown into a national powerhouse thanks to the dedication and hard work of our staff.

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